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im体育擅长于留下比发现时更好的财产. im体育相信,最好的物业转换是那些结合深思熟虑, 以租户为中心的设计,创新的资本计划和精细的操作. In this cycle, we’ve completed nearly half a billion dollars of capital improvements to our assets, which has helped us outperform pro forma leasing assumptions in both speed of absorption and rental rate.

Writer Square

尽管它在丹佛的LoDo区地理位置优越, 作家广场的租金低于市场,资产需要刷新. 随着写字楼空置率在次级市场的需求达到前所未有的水平, Unico saw an opportunity to capitalize on future rent growth in the area. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] Tenant space in Writer square with bright, modern furniture and wood accents.

Denver, Colo.

Smith Tower

Following the failure of an attempted residential condo conversion which led to subsequent ownership by a distressed debt fund without an operator mindset, Smith Tower was suffering from sustained low occupancy with rental rates well below market. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] 22nd floor observation deck at Smith Tower during sunset.

Seattle, Wash.

U.S. Bancorp Tower

Knowing that anchor tenant U.S. Bancorp would eventually downsize, and that the new wave of office demand favored a more activated environment, Unico embarked on a property makeover. Our vision was to reposition the property to attract a more diverse tenant mix, emphasizing technology and creative firms, without alienating the professional firms that defined much of the existing tenant base and had upcoming lease renewals to address. [btn class="lg" href=""]Read More[/btn] Interior of US Bancorp Tower with modern glass and wood finishes.

Portland, Ore.

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im体育的一些最好的交易,毫不夸张地说,花了好几年才成熟. Our acquisitions team established a relationship with the largest office owner in Boulder, and over time we discussed acquisition structures on a varying mix of his portfolio. After two years of conversations, we uncovered more of the owner’s motivations: retain employment for his team, keep some of his sale liquidity working at higher interest, and offload a portfolio in another city. We tenaciously pursued the opportunity because we understood that the conditions of the submarket – low vacancy, low supply, low landlord TIs, and profitable tenants with a strong desire to be at this address – indicated that the property would likely experience much higher rents than precedent suggested. 博尔德的鸟瞰图显示了珍珠东和蒂拉中心的商业校园.

Our acquisitions team works closely with our in-market personnel to pursue deals outside of the traditional channels of commodity offerings.

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If we could control a large enough base of the inventory and see other like-minded investors enter the market, we could fundamentally alter the submarket rental rate structure. But to access the 1.1 million square feet in Boulder, we needed to also acquire the seller’s 500,000 square foot portfolio in Fort Collins, which was not a target geography for us. Drawing upon our network of private-investor relationships, we found a buyer group that would take the Fort Collins portfolio at closing so that our institutional fund would avoid exposure to a tertiary submarket. Our acquisition of the remaining 1.1 million square foot off-market acquisition Boulder portfolio (later awarded BizWest’s Commercial Real Estate “Deal of the Year”) allowed us to become one of the largest landlords in the city, where we have since risen rental rates by over 60% and realized a 2.0x multiple on the exited components.' data-terms='{"case_study_service":[{"id":33,"name":"Deal Sourcing","slug":"deal-sourcing","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_service","label":"Case Study Services","singular_label":"Case Study Service","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":7,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_service\/deal-sourcing\/","meta":{}}],"case_study_region":[{"id":91,"name":"Colorado","slug":"colorado","group":0,"taxonomy":{"name":"case_study_region","label":"Case Study Regions","singular_label":"Case Study Region","meta":{}},"description":"","parent_id":0,"count":13,"url":"http:\/\/\/case_study_region\/colorado\/","meta":{}}]}' id="post-3973">